walter-greenleafWalter Greenleaf has been researching medical applications of virtual reality since 1984, and he believes that healthcare is going to be transformed by consumer VR & AR technologies. Walter says that VR is fitting into a number of different healthcare trends including the digitization of tools, moving from subjective assessments to objective measurements, moving towards patient-centered medical care, and moving away from a fee-for-service to a result-driven business model. These are all pointing towards the desire to collect more and more objective measurements, and VR technology has the capability to capture and present a lot of this data in entirely new ways.

I had a chance to catch up with Walter at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality conference where he give me an overview of the medical applications of VR, and why he believes that VR is going to transform healthcare. There’s many different industry verticals within healthcare, and he believes that we are just at the very beginning of seeing how consumer VR could help improve many different dimensions of our health and potentially even help save lives.


Here are the slides from one of Walter’s recent presentation on “How VR & AR Technologies will Transform Healthcare.”

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