#353: Microsoft’s Lead Producer on ‘Minecraft VR’

Minecraft VR was released on the Gear VR this week, and it completes the long journey of making one of John Carmack’s dreams come true. If you haven’t watched John’s Oculus Connect 2 keynote yet, then now is a good time to go back and check it out because his passion, drive, and vision is crystal clear. John believes that bringing Minecraft to VR will be a significant milestone and inflection point in the overall consumer launch and mass adoption of virtual reality.

Minecraft has already played an important role in social VR within the consumer virtual reality community. The Minecrift mod was the first modern social VR experience for a lot of DK1 early adopters including Cymatic Bruce, D from eVRydayVR, Aaron Davies, Gunter S. Thompson, Cris Miranda, OlivierJT, and many others.

I had a chance to catch up with Jesse Merriam at GDC, who is the lead producer for the Redmond Minecraft Team at Microsoft to talk more about bringing Minecraft to VR.


John Carmack has never been as excited to give a keynote as he was at Oculus Connect 2, where he was able to share his enthusiasm and passion about Minecraft VR to the world for the first time publicly. After hearing John’s story, it’s really quite an amazing that this even happened.

I think this tweet perfectly captures some of the new types of experiences that family and friends will be sharing with each other in Minecraft VR:

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