#323: GDC Round Table: Valve’s ‘The Lab’ & Survival Wave Shooters as VR’s FPS

Road to VR co-founder Ben Lang and writer Scott Hayden join me in our third and final GDC round table discussion talking about our demo highlights including Valve’s The Lab and a series of different shooters. There is a theme that’s emerging in VR game play where you have to survive waves of enemies coming at you, or you might be able to teleport to different areas giving you some feeling of agency around locomotion. These demos include: Arizona Sunshine, Raw Data, John Wick: The Impossible Task, Bullet Train, Damaged Core, & Space Pirate Trainer. We also talk about the Basemark Cinematic VR benchmark demo from Crytek that blew his mind, The Climb, Manus VR gloves, the Optitrak demo, and the beautiful La Peri from Innerspace VR. We also give a sneak peak to the Unreal Engine VR Editor, Vanishing Realms, Budget Cuts, Audio Shield, & Unseen Diplomacy.


Here’s what we talk about and when we talk about it:
00:00 Arizona Sunshine
03:04 Raw Data & the Emerging Wave Survival trope is the FPS of VR
05:25 John Wick: The Impossible Task + how far can we go with the Teleporting shooting gallery
06:08 Bullet Train
06:31 Future of VR FPS gameplay mechanics, slow motion, turret defense + survival wave gameplay, locomotion
08:33 Teleportation in Damaged Core & Bullet Train
09:23 Damaged Core
10:46 Valve’s Photogrammetry in VR – How-to from Valve
12:08 Valve’s The Lab: Slingshot
14:34 Valve’s The Lab: Longbow
16:21 What’s compelling in VR: Physics, Multiplayer, and Social interactions. Sony’s Social VR
19:11 Valve’s The Lab: Xortex arcade shooter
21:36 The Climb
22:07 Basemark Cinematic VR benchmark demo with Crytek
25:34 Manus VR gloves
28:51 OptiTrack’s basketball demo
33:23 La Péri
35:27 Preview of Vanishing Realms, Budget Cuts, Audio Shield & Unseen Diplomacy
38:14 Space Pirate Trainer
39:07 Preview Unreal Engine VR Editor

Here’s the Behind the scenes of La Péri, the beautiful VR ballet by Interspace VR:

Here’s a video of Colin Northway making it to wave #20 in Space Pirate Trainer. His highest as of March 12th was wave 22.