#322: Round Table Discussion on GDC Highlights, PlayStation VR, & Minecraft VR

I’m joined again by Road to VR co-founder Ben Lang & writer Scott Hayden to do a wrap-up of Wednesday’s GDC news including all of Sony’s PlayStation VR Announcements, the Star Wars Trials on Tatooine experience by ILMxLAB, and Scott’s in-depth reaction to Minecraft on Gear VR. We also cover some GDC demo highlights including Sony’s Social VR, the 3D Tetris-like game Super HyperCube, block stacking game Tumble VR, Ubisoft’s social deduction game Werewolves Within, and Sony’s series of social mini-games with Playroom VR.


Here’s the different topics we cover:

  • 00:34 Star Wars Trials on Tatooine
  • 05:58 Minecraft on Gear VR
  • 14:24 Sony PlayStation VR Announcement & News
  • 19:20 Sony’s Social VR
  • 21:12 Unity VR editing tools
  • 23:37 Dreams content creation game
  • 24:24 Sony announced Star Wars Battlefront VR
  • 25:45 AMD Radeon Duo Pro
  • 26:49 Super HyperCube
  • 27:43 Chronos
  • 28:15 TumbleVR
  • 30:07 Werewolves Within
  • 33:48 Playroom VR

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Theme music: “Fatality” by Tigoolio

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