#311: Karl Krantz on VR Startups, SVVRCon, & Time Dilation

karl-almost-smile-269x200Karl Krantz made a strategic move to California in order to start the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality meetup in May of 2013. One year later, he organized the first consumer VR conference with SVVRCon that had 400 people and 35 companies. SVVRCon 2015 had 1400 people and 100 companies, and Karl is expecting it to double once again for SVVRCon 2016 on April 27-29 with a projected attendance of 3000 people and 200 companies.

I caught up with Karl to talk about VR startups, fostering the VR community, plans for virtual components for SVVRCon, content creation & imagination, and the phenomena of “time dilation.” Karl had an experience of playing a VR game for 12 straight hours without a break, but he only thought he was in VR for around 3 hours. He’s concerned about the addictive potential of VR, and that it’s a technology that’s going to force us to face our demons otherwise VR could be really disruptive to our lives.


Palmer Luckey said in an interview at E3 2015 that his longest play session was between 12 to 16 hours. He wanted to beat a game in one sitting, and so it’s possible that he experienced some time dilation.

I’ll be exploring more experiences of time dilation in some more interviews that I did at Unity’s AR/VR Vision Summit.

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