#309: Alex McDowell on World Building in Storytelling

alexmcdowellOne of the most inspiring keynotes at Unity’s AR/VR Vision Summit was by Alex McDowell on world building and storytelling. Alex was production designer for Minority Report, Fight Club, & Lawnmower Man, and so he’s been creating imaginal worlds for many years. Alex argues that the process of building worlds can inform and inspire stories, and that storytelling is coming from tribal oral traditions to singular viewpoints and now back to multiple perspectives with immersive experiences. The more multi-disciplinary VR and VR gets over time, then the more rich and profound the experiences are going to become. I had a chance to catch up with Alex after his keynote to unpack some of his innovative world building narrative work that he’s been doing at 5D GlobalStudio and with students at USC’s film school.


Here’s a video of Alex’s keynote at the Unity AR/VR Vision Summit:

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