Varun-NairThere are a number of different 3D audio plug-ins available for game engines like Unity, but there have not been any solutions for mixing 3D audio for cinematic VR productions. Two Big Ears just released the 3DCeption Spatial Workstation, which is a digital audio workstation that integrates with professional audio production tools. The Spatial Workstation includes an Intelligent 360 Video Player to be able to preview audio edits in a VR environment, as well as the ability to mix ambisonics audio channels with additional audio inputs. Varun Nair is the VP of Products and co-founder of Two Big Ears, and I had a chance to talk about the 3DCeption Spatial Workstation, ambisonics, performance metrics, and how he sees virtual reality is facilitating the combination of audio post-production techniques from traditional game design and film production. You can register your interest in the Spatial Workstation here.


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