#1169: IDFA DocLab Founder Caspar Sonnen Reflects on 2022 Program, Industry Trends, and Distribution Challenges

In my final interview from IDFA DocLab 2022, I had a chance to catch up with DocLab founder Caspar Sonnen to reflect on the 2022 program and the ecological points made by the piece Okawari, to comment on the “Nervous System” in this phase of the global pandemic, to share his insights for why immersive documentarians are on the bleeding edge of innovation, and to elaborate on various distribution challenges with the type of immersive stories being shown at DocLab 2022.

We also cover the many variety of different IDFA programs from the selected pieces of XR work and digital stories, the planetarium, The IDFA Market and DocLab Forum, the R&D Summit, Roundtable Discussions, the research collaboration with MIT Open DocLab, the commissioning of immersive works, the ONX + DocLab MoCap Stage, different industry talks, and some of the other DocLab staff helping to pull it all off including Wotienke Vermeer, Annabel Troost, and Yorinde Segal.

That’s a wrap on my 15 hours and 39 minutes worth of coverage about the 2022 edition of IDFA DocLab. Lots of amazing pieces and interesting themes and trends emerging in the coverage. Thanks for joining in, and be sure to support this type of work over at Patreon here.

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Music: Fatality