#1122: Mixed Reality Platformer “Eggscape” by 3DAR Wins 3rd Place Prize at Venice Immersive 2022

Eggscape is a mixed reality gaming prototype from the Argentinean 3Dar VR, film, & animation studio behind Gloomy Eyes and Paper Birds that leverages the black & white, mixed reality passthrough mode of the Meta Quest 2. It’s a has a really compelling 2.5 platformer game mechanic where you’re navigating a table-top scale egg character through a number of bridges and obstacles placed in a physical environment. It has a very similar vibe to Lucky’s Tale, but rather than just a 2.5 POV, you’re able to have the full 6DoF experience by moving your body through space in order to aid your 3D perspective judgments. It was a charming, innovative, & engaging enough experience to earn the 3rd place Special Jury Prize at Venice Immersive. I had a chance to sit down with co-founder German Heller to get the backstory of 3dar’s evolution from animation to film to VR, and a sneak peak at some of the new frontiers of co-located gameplay that’s enabled with these new mixed reality features on VR devices like the Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro (coming soon), Lynx R1 (coming soon), and Pico 4 (also coming soon).

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