#1061: Immersive Theater 1-on-1 Experiments in “Gumball Dreams” VRChat World Adaptation

Gumball Dreams is the latest immersive theatre production in VRChat by The Ferryman Collective, who previously produced Welcome to Respite: The Severance Theory. They just had their World Premiere last week participating in competition at SXSW, and I had a chance to catch up with co-writers and co-directors Christopher Lane Davis (aka ScreamingColor) and Diedre V. Lyons to talk about their production and their latest immersive theater production.

There’s a lot of stunning and awe-inspiring moments in Gumball Dreams that pushes forward how the spatial medium of VR can tell a story, but there’s also lots of interesting experiments with one-on-one interactions to cultivating a sense of intimacy with the performer. Forward-facing it’s a one-person show with a number of immersive theatre “ractors,” but also currently has someone on the backend to help produce the onboarding logistics and be on hand in case there are any technical difficulties. The folks at Ferryman Collective continue make incremental innovations in their production processes, but also refining their own best practices for onboarding and how to best leverage the medium of VR to tell big immersive stories that go beyond what a tiny-budge physical installation could pull off. Tune into the @Ferryman_VR Twitter and website for more information on where you can catch some of their shows. Also check out this press release for a bit more context on Gumball Dreams.


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